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       Fuel injection parts :: Plunger/Element :: Plunger Yanmar
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Fuel injection parts - Plunger Yanmar

Fuel injection parts - Plunger Yanmar/Element Yanmar

The function of the element is to meter and deliver the metered fuel. Element consists of barrel and plungers. The rotary motion of the plunger inside the barrel regulates the quantity of fuel and an upward motion delivers the fuel. The plunger is precisely fitted to the barrel with very small clearance to form a perfect sealing. They should be replaced as a set (barrel and plunger).

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Yanmar No. Stamping No. Vehicle Model Engine
101204-51100 TS70    
102700-51100 TS105    
103200-51100 G-2    
103204-51100 G-3    
103854-51100 D7    
104200-51100 TS60    
105170-51100 N5    
105200-51100 N6    
105225-51100 A.2    
105300-51100 Ni3    
105370-51100 N2    
105500-51100 N4    
105570-51100 N3    
105570-51601 N8    
105700-51100 N.9 NFD150  
105990-51100 E.8 TS230  
119225-51100 M.2    
119620-51101 M1    
121550-51100 B1    
121575-51100 B2    
122310-51100 D3    
123110-51100 D2    
124060-51100 C.4    
124240-51100 C1    
124560-51100 C.9    
124950-51100 A1 2T72  
125310-51100 G6    
129108-51100 M.4    
129301-51100 B.9    
129400-51200 I.8    
129506-51100 M5    
171353-51100 M.3    

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