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Fuel injection parts - Test Bench

test bench test bench test bench test bench
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1:Common rail Test Bench
2:Digital Test Bench
3:Computer Test Bench
4:Common rail Injector
Fuel injection parts - Test Bench
1.Imported international advanced technology,use original packing imported converter,the test stand has wide speed scope and good dynamic performance. 2.Direct output of main motor,start up with low voltage,save energy,small value of reduction of speed,high measurement accuracy,good reliability,and complete automatic protection function.
3.Clockwise or anticlockwise rotation speed is 0-4000r/min.It adopts WZ-I full-function digital controller and displays seven shifts preset of speed, rotate speed, count, fuel oil temperature. And equipped with systems such as air supply positive and negative pressure,VE pump inner pressure, reture oil amount, direct current electric power source and so on. It has full functions
4.Controlled by industry computer and equipped with digital display. It can be used normally even if the computer is not start. It is really reliable and high cost performance.
5.The computer in the test bench has large-scale data base,more than 2000 technical parameters of fuel pump can be referred easily.

Main Technical Parameter of Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench
The test benaches are used for testing injection nozzle opening pressure, leakage Spray pattern, atomisation & chatter characteristic tests.
The test benches are suitable for wide range of fuel injection pumps including rotary and distributor types and covers every possible requirement for testing the full range of pumps. Very high precision indeed is demanded for the fuel delivery, port closing and speed control of modern diesel fuel injection systems-primarily so that optimum fuel consumption/power output ratios can be achieved.
Specification   7.5KW 11KW 15KW 18.5KW 22KW 30KW
Rotation speed range of main shaft (rpm)   0-4000 0-3000 0-3000 0-3000 1-2000 0-1470
Motor output power(KW)   7.5 11 15 18.5 22 30
Pump output power(KW)   0.75 0.75 0.75 1.1 1.5 1.5
Height from center line of main shaft to work table(mm)   125 125 125 125 125 125
Rotation direction of main shaft   Positive, negative Positive, negative Positive, negative Positive, negative Positive, negative Positive, negative
Testable cylinders of injection pump   12 12 12 12 12 12
Standard model of fuel injector              
oil injection count range   0-1000 0-1000 0-1000 0-1000 0-1000 0-1000
Capacity of oil tank (L)   >50 >50 >50 >50 >100 >100
Pressure of fuel system High 0-4 0-4 0-4 0-4 0-4 0-4
  Low 0-0.4 0-0.4 0-0.4 0-0.4 0-0.4 0-0.4
Supply oil capacity (L/min)   >10 >10 >10 >10 >20 >20
Temperature of fuel ()   402 402 402 402 402 402
Precise of fuel filter ()   5 5 5 5 5 5
Capacity of measuring cup (ml)   45/150 45/150 45/150 45/150 45/260 45/260
Pressure of air way (Mpa) Positive 0-0.3 0-0.3 0-0.3 0-0.3 0-0.3 0-0.3
Pressure of air way (Mpa) Negative -0.05 -0.05 -0.05 -0.05 -0.05 -0.05
DC voltage (V)   12/24 12/24 12/24 12/24 12/24 12/24

The main function of Fule pump test bench
1.Test each cylinder's oil supply capacity at various rotation speeds. 9.Test the interior pressure of distribution pumps.
2.Statically check the start point and interval angle of oil supply of each cylinder. 10.Test the negative pressure performance of pneumatic speed regulators.
3.Check and adjust the performance of meachanical speed regulators. 11.Test the oil supply pressure of distribution pump
4.Test the electromagnetic valve of distribution pump . 12.Measure the oil-return quantity of distribution pump.
5.Check the performance of pneumatic speed regulators 13.Self-suction joint
6.Test the sealing performance of injection pump. 14.Print(optional)
7.Check the performance of pressure compensators 15.Database(optional)
8.Measure the advance angle of advance device 16.Test the tack bar travle(optional)


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