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Who is Fuelinjection-parts.com, what can it supply?

Welcome to the world of Diesel Fuel Injection parts. We are the manufacturer and exporters of Diesel Fuel Injection,fuelinjection-parts.com has been one of the specialized to International automobile Industry of diesel fuel injection systems which consists mainly of Diesel Pump, Diesel spares and automotive fuel injection parts and Spares. Diesel Engine Parts, Fuel Injection Parts, Fuel Injection components, Generator parts, Agricultural machines Spare Parts, etc.

Our Product Range

Nozzles (Iniettori / Dusen / Bec Injecteurs). Types available are : DN, DNPD, DL, DLL, DLLA, DLLAP, etc
Elements (Plungers / Pompanti / Elementos) available in bore sizes of 5 mm to 25 mm
Delivery Valves (Valvulas / Soupape / Druckventile)
Feed Pumps & Spares (Bombas De Alimentacion)
Head rotor
Pencil Nozzle
Nozzle Tester
Cam Disc
Supply Pump
Repair kit
Test Benches
VE Heads, etc

At fuelinjection-parts.com we develop & produce Diesel Fuel Injection Systems and components for all leading diesel engine and diesel vehicle manufacturers. Each individual's part is perfectly adapted to the type of vehicle in question.

fuelinjection-parts.com has all the facilities and know-how needed to develop high quality products. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to develop the product according to the customer's samples & drawings. We are specializing in all kinds of auto parts.

We have the training, experience, and equipment to repair or remanufacture your diesel fuel system. We test and calibrate each fuel injection component to factory-authorized specifications for high performance and long life. Along with our fuel injection repair, we are specialized in the field of Diesel Pump Parts, Diesel Engine Parts, and Fuel Injection Parts etc.

Today, under the creative instincts, aggressive marketing techniques, visionary approach and ambitious nature of our Director Mr. S. ARORA, we have made rapid strides in exports and have acquired a respectable status. A team of dynamic professionals oversees our operations and continues to innovate in ways that best serve our customer's interest.

Contact us for superior quality components at competitive prices by taking advantage of the low cost of Indian labour and processes. All we need is your sample or technical drawing.


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