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       Fuel injection parts :: F 00V C01 338 Bosch Injector Control Valve
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F 00V C01 338 Bosch Injector Control Valve Exporter

Products Information:
Type: Bosch Control Valve
Model No.: F 00V C01 338
OE No.: F00VC01338
Injector No.: 0445 110 247-0445 110 248-0445 110 273
Engine Type: 4 cylinder Engine
Application: Common Rail System
Brand Name: ERIKC, DYD, OEM, Neutral
Material: High-speed Steel
Net weight: 40g/pc
Gross weight: 50g/pc
MOQ: 1 set
Warranty: 6 months

China CG Auto parts co.,ltd are powerful in product design and development, and there are several production lines for engine parts,nozzle,plunger,head rotor,delivery valve,repair kit,etc.We've got TS16949, ISO-9001:2000 certification and reached the international export standard.
Here is parts of our Control valve list for reference, more bosch control valve/delphi control valve please contact us.
F 00R J02 035 F 00R J01 657 F 00V C01 051
F 00V C01 358 F 00R J01 451 F 00V C01 054
F 00V C01 359 F 00R J02 056 F 00V C01 045
F 00V C01 371 F 00R J02 806 F 00V C01 001
F 00R J01 941 F 00R J01 704 F 00V C01 363
F 00V C01 367 F 00R J01 472 F 00V C01 383
F 00R J01 727 F 00R J01 278 F 00V C01 346
F 00R J01 657 F 00R J01 479 F 00V C01 365
F 00R J01 692 F 00R J01 218 F 00V C01 338
F 00R J02 130 F 00R J02 175 F 00V C01 334
F 00R J01 334 F 00R J02 466 F 00R J02 472
F 00R J00 399 F 00R J01 159 F 00R J02 103
F 00R J00 339 F 00R J01 924 F 00R J01 329
F 00R J00 005 F 00R J00 375 F 00R J01 747
F 00R J01 005 F 00R J02 213 F 00V C01 377
F 00V C01 003 F 00R J02 067 F 00R J01 819
F 00R J02 005 F 00R J01 222 F 00V C01 368
F 00R J00 420 F 00V C01 015 F 00V C01 023
F 00V C01 347 F 00R J01 428 F 00R J02 004
F 00R J02 454 F 00V C01 044 Bosch Valve Cap 334
F 00R J00 834 F 00V C01 033 9308Z621C
F 00V C01 022 F 00R J01 714 9308Z622B
Welcome order samples to test quality; If ok, then contact for further cooperation.China CG auto aparts co.,ltd sincerely hope to have a long win-win cooperation with you.
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