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Denso Nozzle of MITSUI DEUTZ Product Information

Nozzle holder assembly Part number MFR number Nozzle-holder Part number Nozzle Part number Nozzle Type designation Nozzle opening presssure Application
093500-0990 01900371 093100-0990 093400-0450 DLLA149S394 175-185 MITSUI DEUTZ F6L912
093500-2240   093100-2240 093400-5010 DN4PD1 115-125 MITSUI DEUTZ BF5L913
093500-2250 01900610KZ 093100-2250 093400-1270 DLLA149S304 ND127 180-188 MITSUI DEUTZ BF6L913

Note: All manufacturers'names,numbers,symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only,and it does not imply that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers.

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