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       Fuel injection parts :: DEUTZ 413/413T DLLA28S656 093400-0760 injector nozzle
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wholesale DEUTZ engine 413/413T DLLA28S656 093400-0760 injector nozzle

Products Information:
Type: Diesel injector nozzle
Stamping number: DLLA28S656
OE No.: 093400-0760
Vehicle Model:DEUTZ
Engine Type:413/413T
MOQ: 12 pcs
Warranty: 6 months

China CG Auto parts co.,ltd are powerful in product design and development, and there are several production lines for engine parts,nozzle,plunger,head rotor,delivery valve,repair kit,etc.We've got TS16949, ISO-9001:2000 certification and reached the international export standard.
Here is parts of our fuel injector nozzle list for reference, more fuel injector nozzle please contact us.
DENSO NO. Stamping No. VehicleModel Engine
093400-0450 DLLA149S394   F 3L 912/H06B-T
      /F 6L 912,913
093400-0760 DLLA28S656 DEUTZ 413/413T/
      F 8L 413/A268
093400-0870 DLLA155S713    
093400-0980 DLLA152S32.35ND98   4D105
093400-1010 DLL150S6476    
093400-1050 DLL150S6571    
093400-1060 DLL140S6422    
093400-1070 DLLA79S390    
093400-1080 DLLA150S178    
093400-1090 DLLA150S187   BEICHI
093400-1170 DLLA150S325ND117 HINO EM100/M10U
093400-1180 DLLA150S414ND118   EF550/EF750
093400-1270 DLLA149S775 DEUTZ F 2L 912
093400-1341 DLLA142S354ND134 PC200-3 S6D105
093400-1430 DLLA30S678    
093400-1440 DLLA25S722    
093400-1450 DLLA150S315ND145   H06CTA
093400-1470 DLLA160S295ND147 HINO WO4D/1W
093400-1520 DLLA160S295ND152   W04D
093400-1590 DLLA142S315ND159   EM100/H 06C /
      H06CT/H 06C -TB
093400-1600 DLLA155SND160 KOMATSU 6D125/PC300-5
093400-1710 DLLA160SND171   6D 14A /6D14/
      6D14T/6D 15A /13B
093400-1800 DLLA155SND180   S6D125/SA6D140
093400-1820 DLLA155SND182 KOMATSU 6D125/S6D125/
      S 4F -T/PC400-6
093400-1871 DLLA155S651    
093400-1880 DLLA150S469    
093400-1991 DLLA155SND199   H07-1
093400-2002 DLLA150SND200    
093400-2170 DLLA155SND217   H 07C -F/H 07C -G
093400-2260 DLLA160SND226   8DC11/8DC12/
093400-2270 DLLA150SND227   H 06C -TB/
      H 06C -TE/H 07C
093400-2292 DLLA150SND229   H 07C -T
093400-2301 DLLA150SND230   H06CTL
093400-2360 DLLA160SND236   6D16
093400-2380 DLLA150SND238   F17D
093400-2400 DLLA150SND240   K13D
093400-2410 DLLA150SND241   F17D/F17E/
093400-2431 DLLA160SND243   6D14/A503
093400-2490 DLLA160SND249   6D14
093400-2510 DLLA160SND251   8DC11/6D16
093400-2530 DLLA160SND253   8DC10
093400-2540 DLLA150SND254   H 06C -TM/
      H 06C -TN
093400-2630 DLLA155SND263   H07D
093400-2650 DLLA150SND265   F17D
093400-2720 DLLA150SND272   H 07C /HO 7C -E
093400-2730 DLLA150SND273   H06CTP/HO6CR
Welcome order samples to test quality; If ok, then contact for further cooperation.China CG auto aparts co.,ltd sincerely hope to have a long win-win cooperation with you.
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