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       Fuel injection parts :: nozzleDLLA152PN009 KOMATSU 6D95/PC200-5/S6D95L
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diesel nozzle tip DLLA152PN009 9 432 610 175 KOMATSU 6D95/PC200-5/S6D95L

Products Information:
Type: Diesel injector nozzle
Stamping number: DLLA152PN009
OE No.: 9 432 610 175
Vehicle Model: KOMATSU
Engine Type: 6D95/PC200-5/S6D95L
MOQ: 10 pcs
Warranty: 6 months

China CG Auto parts co.,ltd are powerful in product design and development, and there are several production lines for engine parts,nozzle,plunger,head rotor,delivery valve,repair kit,etc.We've got TS16949, ISO-9001:2000 certification and reached the international export standard.
Here is parts of our fuel injector nozzle list for reference, more fuel injector nozzle please contact us.
BOSCH NO Stamping No Vehicle Model Engine
9430034120 DLLA157PN069 NISSAN DIESEL NP069
9432610027 DLLA154PN007 MAZDA SLD/SL
9432610050 DLLA154PN006 ISUZU/NHR\HKR 4JB1、4JA1
9432610078 DLLA160PN010 MITSUBISHI 4D31-T/HD400
9432610079 DLLA150PN021 MAZDA SL-T
9432610098 DLLA150PN044 ISUZU 4JB1
9432610099 DLLA154PN005 ISUZU 4JB1、4JA1
9432610153 DLLA152PN014 KOMATSU 6D95L/S6D95L/PC200-5
9432610161 DLLA154PN005 ISUZU 4JB1、4JA1
9432610163 DLLA154PN068 ISUZU 4JA1/NKR55/OHMP001
9432610168 DLLA160PN004 MITSUBISHI 4D31T/P466
9432610175 DLLA152PN009 KOMATSU 6D95/PC200-5/S6D95L
9432610178 DLLA156PN110 ISUZU 6BG1/A500
9432610181 DLLA154PN058 ISUZU PN058/P466
9432610196 DLLA150PN044 ISUZU 4JB1
9432610201 DLLA154PN067 ISUZU 4JA1C/4JA1
9432610227 DLLA160PN036 MITSUBISHI 6D31T/4D31T/P005
9432610229 DLLA155PN089 MITSUBISHI 6D31T
9432610232 DLLA158PN108 ISUZU  
9432610250 DLLA152PN097 KOMATSU 6D95L/PC200-5
9432610253 DLLA146PN055 ISUZU 4JB1CT
9432610256 DLLA154PN049 ISUZU 4JA1/4JC1/P005
9432610268 DLLA154PN006 ISUZU/NHR\HKR 4JB1、4JA1
9432610273 DLLA154PN062 ISUZU 4BC2/P466
9432610279 DLLA154PN025 ISUZU/EXPORT 4BD1T
9432610280 DLLA154PN064 ISUZU 4BG1/P465
9432610283 DLLA154PN061 ISUZU 4BE1/P425
9432610289 DLLA154PN116 ISUZU TFR\4JA1T/OHMP002
9432610306 DLLA154PN0171 ISUZU 4BE1/A411
9432610326 DLLA154PN155 ISUZU 4JB1
9432610333 DLLA152PN112 KOMATSU SAA6D108
9432610334 DLLA160PN024 MITSUBISHI 6D31/HD700/6D31T
9432610341 DLLA160PN085 MITSUBISHI 4D31T/6D31T/HD700
9432610343 DLLA150PN056 ISUZU  
9432610351 DLLA154PN173 ISUZU 4JA1T
9432610359 DLLA150PN021 MAZDA SL-T
9432610361 DLLA160PN140 MITSUBISHI 4D31T
9432610362 DLLA152PN063 KOMATSU 4D95S/PC120-5/S4D95L
9432610371 DLLA154PN186    
9432610374 DLLA160PN141    
9432610377 DLLA158PN209 ISUZU 4JA1
9432610400 DLLA154PN154 ISUZU 4JA1、4JB1、4JC1
9432610424 DLLA156PN121 ISUZU 4HF1
9432610445 DLLA154PN051 ISUZU 6BG1TC/P433
9432610452 DLLA153PN177 ISUZU/TFR4JB1T 4JB1T/OHMP034
9432610455 DLLA152PN184 ISUZU  
9432610458 DLLA150PN088 KOMATSU SA6D95L/PC200-5
9432610461 DLLA145PN238 ISUZU/EXPORT  
9432610603 DLLA143PN265 ISUZU/EXPORT  
9432610707 DLLA154PN040 ISUZU 6BG1/P411
9432610710 DLLA160PN159 ISUZU/EXPORT  
9432610711 DLLA158PN104 MITSUBISHI 4D31T/6D31T/4D31T1
9432610720 DLLA161PN109 ISUZU 6HE1/P425
9432610730 DLLA153PN178 ISUZU/JMCTFR4JB1-NA 4JB1/OHMP035
9432610732 DLLA160PN070    
9432610734 DLLA155PN057 MITSUBISHI 6D31T/P455
9432610736 DLLA146PN028 MAZDA SL
9432610762 DLLA140PN003 KUBOTA/KUBOCA  
9432610771 DLLA155PN276 MITSUBISHI S6K-T/CAT320B/3066T
9432610811 DLLA160PN059 MITSUBISHI 4D31T/6D31T/4D34T
9432610813 DLLA160PN100 MITSUBISHI 4D31T/P005
9432610815 DLLA157PN115 MITSUBISHI 6D31
9432610848 DLLA140PN013 KUBOTA EA14
9432610853 DLLA155PN053 MITSUBISHI HEAV 200/S6K-T/E200B
9432610883 DLLA153PN203 ISUZU 4JB1、4JB1P/4JB1T
9432610989 DLLA155PN174 NISSAN DIESEL  
9432611000 DLLA152PN145 KOMATSU S6D95L
9432611004 DLLA153PN152 ISUZU 4JA1
9432611033 DLLA152PN213 KOMATSU 6D95L
9432611324 DLLA155PN111 6BG1TC P004
9432611326 DLLA157PN096 ISEKI 96
9432611335 DLLA157PN020 KUBOTA 498
9432611336 DLLA160PN022 MITSUBISHI 6D31T
9432611342 DLLA152PN043 KOMATSU SA6D91L
9432612478 DLLA155PN048   NP048
9432612489 DLLA160PN156 MITSUBISHI 6D31T
9432612719 DLLA155PN310 DALIAN DIESEL  
9432612727 DLLA155PN118 MITSUBISHI HEAV 200/S6K-T/E200B
9432612763 DLLA152PN213 KOMATSU 6D95L
Welcome order samples to test quality; If ok, then contact for further cooperation.China CG auto aparts co.,ltd sincerely hope to have a long win-win cooperation with you.
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