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       Fuel injection parts :: ISUZU 6RB1/A456 fuel injection nozzle DLLA150S384NP73
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ISUZU engine 6RB1/A456 fuel injection system nozzle DLLA150S384NP73 105015-3520

Products Information:
Type: Diesel injector nozzle
Stamping number: DLLA150S384NP73
OE No.:105015-3520
Vehicle Model: ISUZU
Engine Type:6RB1/A456
MOQ: 12 pcs
Warranty: 6 months

China CG Auto parts co.,ltd are powerful in product design and development, and there are several production lines for engine parts,nozzle,plunger,head rotor,delivery valve,repair kit,etc.We've got TS16949, ISO-9001:2000 certification and reached the international export standard.
Here is parts of our fuel injector nozzle list for reference, more fuel injector nozzle please contact us.
ZEXEL NO Stamping No Vehicle Model Engine
105015-2780 DLLA166S374NP6 NISSAN DIESEL PD6
105015-3090 DLLA150S384NP13 ISUZU NP13/A498
105015-3100 DLLA166S414NP46 NISSAN DIESEL PD6/PD6T
105015-3150 DLLA145S701NP15 HINO ED100
105015-3160 DLLA150S3840NP16 HINO ZG100/EF100/A418
105015-3180 DLLA166S374NP17   NP17/N412
105015-3200 DLLA186S334NP8 KOMATSU S4D105
105015-3220 DLLA152S344NP48   4BB1
105015-3240 DLLA152S324NP48 ISUZU 4BB1/6BB1/NP48/A498
105015-3250 DLLA160S354NP49 MITSUBISHI 8DC/8DC80/A592
105015-3270 DLLA150S344NP51 ISUZU 10PA1/12PA1/8PA1/N403
105015-3280 DLLA150S328NP52 DAIHATSU S6D155
105015-3310 DLLA154S344NP54 ISUZU NP54/A418
105015-3330 DLLA156S344NP55 ISUZU 10PA1
105015-3350 DLLA156S344NP55 KOMATSU ZG100/EF100/A418/A425
105015-3360 DLLA171S374NP58 NISSAN DIESEL RD8/A410
105015-3370 DLLA168S304NP59 NISSAN DIESEL ND6/A418
105015-3390 DLLA154S324NP61   NP61/A498
105015-3450 DLLA174S334NP75 KOMATSU S4D105
105015-3460 DLLA150S394NP68 HINO EK100
105015-3470 DLLA150S394NP69 HINO EK100
105015-3490 DLLA150S344NP70 MITSUBISHI 6D14/ N400
105015-3520 DLLA150S384NP73 ISUZU 6RB1/A456
105015-3550 DLLA150S394NP76 HINO EK100/N410
105015-3560 DLLA160S354NP77 MITSUBISHI 6D20/6D22/N402
105015-3600 DLLA154S324NP81   NP81/A429
105015-3610 DLLA150S344NP82 MITSUBISHI 6D14/A418
105015-3620 DLLA150S414NP83 HINO EF700/A498
105015-3630 DLLA171S334NP84 MITSUBISHI S4D105
105015-3650 DLLA151S354NP86 NISSAN DIESEL RD8、RD10
105015-3670 DLLA160S354NP88 MITSUBISHI 6D20/A452
105015-3680 DLLA150S334NP89 HINO EH700/A487
105015-3690 DLLA160S354NP49 KOMATSU/MTSUBISHI 8DC8、9
105015-3710 DLLA154S344NP95 MITSUBISHI PE6T/A402
105015-3760 DLLA155S334NP96 NISSAN DIESEL FD6/A496
105015-3770 DLLA166S384NP97 NISSAN DIESEL PD6/PD6T
Welcome order samples to test quality; If ok, then contact for further cooperation.China CG auto aparts co.,ltd sincerely hope to have a long win-win cooperation with you.
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